Scaling Digital Transformations At Vedanta

The key to future growth for our businesses.


Digitalisation has become increasingly important for businesses to sustain in modern times. As the world is charging forth and adopting newer technologies, we at Vedanta, have ensured to stay at par with our digital-first approach.

Project Pratham was launched as part of our many digital initiatives, to ease the rapid digital transformation across our businesses and increase productivity, efficiency, and sustainable operations.

As part of this initiative, a road map was drawn for redesigning the organisation and augmenting digital capabilities. The program also seeks to introduce innovation through digital hackathons and incubating startups internally.

The program cuts across Vedanta group with 17 verticals - from Manufacturing, Commercial functions, and HSSEQ, to other enabling functions such as HR, Finance, PR etc.


Pratham Digital Olympics

Capability Building & Digital Culture

Pratham Digital Olympics was launched on 4th March 2021 as a platform to engage the organisation and generate novel digital ideas.

It received 130+ entries on innovative and impactful digital initiatives. All 30+ medalists were rewarded, and selected initiatives were fast-tracked for implementation.


Disha Hackathon

Disha Hackathon was a Digital Dashboard Challenge conducted to develop reports and dashboards using Power BI technology combined with Azure cloud services. This hackathon promoted data democratization, ensuring quick and actionable insights.


Analytics Bootcamp

Analytics Bootcamp is a 16-week long analytics and data science course covering core technical & professional skills.

Participants across Vedanta were nominated to learn:

  • Structuring business problems effectively and designing hypothesis-based solution approach
  • Developing intermediate proficiency on data analytics and python
  • Basics of machine learning and its business applications to improve operational efficiencies
  • Depicting insights in a user-friendly manner through visualization tools, i.e., Power BI

Digital For All Training

As part of Digital Capability building under Project Pratham, 'Digital for All' - digital literacy training programs were launched across Vedanta to embed digital in our DNA.

Content consisted of a mix of emerging tech and professional skills, with topics ranging from Analytics, AI, and IOT to Design Thinking, Digital Leadership etc. We partnered with FutureSkills, a NASSCOM - MeitY digital skilling initiative. Participants were awarded with badges on completing every milestone and certificates at the end of the module.


Creating Digital Champions

To imbibe digital culture and to drive value stream projects, the concept of ‘Digital Champions’ was introduced under Project Pratham.

Digital Champions work towards successful implementation of Pratham initiatives in their respective organisations. Digital Champions also stand a chance to win awards and recognition at their own entity and group level.