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Diversified portfolio covering steel ecosystem

Vedanta entered the steel business by acquiring a 90% stake in ESL Steel Limited in 2018.

ESL was incorporated as a public limited company in 2006 and had operations in Bokaro, Jharkhand. As an integrated steel producer, the company has undertaken a Greenfield manufacturing facility with a capacity of 1.5 million tonnes per annum. The product range of the company includes pig iron, billets, TMT bars, wire rods, and ductile iron pipes.

At Vedanta Steel, we have established excellence in every stage of production using our expertise in managing plant fields and bringing in solutions from reputed manufacturers across the country. In less than one year after assuming operations, Vedanta Steel created a positive turnaround resulting in a profitable business. Our aim is to scale up our steel operations in Bokaro through brownfield expansions and be amongst the top steel producers in the world.

  • Steel is considered the world’s most important construction material
  • It is highly recyclable and it does not lose its properties while recycling
  • Steel is a multi-purpose alloy that has numerous applications
  • Steel is also used in everyday appliances such as refrigerators, television sets, and automobile
  • Achieved hot metal production of 1286 kt
  • Product portfolio sales touched 72% in FY 2021
  • Embarked on an expansion journey from 1.5 mtpa to 3 mtpa
  • Increased the EBITDA margin to USD 95 per tonne

Unyielding Vision

Vedanta Steel’s vision is to become a global leader in high-grade, low-cost steel production, and to make India AtmaNirbhar. We are expanding horizons with our current endeavours and plan to push boundaries with our future plans. While we plan to grow considerably, we have a Health, Safety, Environment, and Sustainability (HSES) focused management grid in place to ensure sustainable growth. This HSES focused plan is intertwined with Vedanta Limited’s ‘Zero Harm, Zero Waste and Zero Discharge’ philosophy and the goal is to emerge as a leader in shaping India’s self-made journey.

We aim to be one of the global leaders in the Steel Industry and a catalyst to India’s journey of Self-Reliance, by setting higher benchmarks in every aspect & with customer centricity and safety at the core of our operations. With our continuous focus on the 5 Ps- People, Planet, Prosperity, Peace & Partnership, our organization offers a diverse portfolio of world-class products. With this, we aspire to be high-grade, low-cost Steel producers, building a sustainable future for all our stakeholders.

NL Vhatte

CEO, ESL Steel Limited


design capacity


production volume

USD71per tonne

Margin ($/t)


of Sales with a major focus on Value-added products

0.933million tonnes

Annual steel production

USD123per tonne

Robust margin for Mar’22


To provide continuous growth, profitability, and prosperity to all our stakeholders.

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